Permanent Lighting

Permanent Inception Lighting by BluStream Holiday Lighting

BluStream Holiday Lighting is a certified installer of Inception Lighting. Inception Lighting is a permanently installed architectural RGB and LED lighting system that provides discreet front-facing and color-changing linear lighting. This system was designed with both homeowners and businesses in mind! The lights are bright, bold and entirely customizable. The colors and designs can be changed to promote events, celebrate holidays or simply change the view outside of your property. The paired app allows a user or group of delegated users to control the lights; this includes changing the colors, patterns and scheduling times of operation with ease.

Versatile Permanent Lighting Solutions with Inception Lighting

At BluStream Holiday Lighting, we proudly offer Inception Lighting installations – a versatile, permanent lighting solution for homes and businesses in Northwest Indiana. Inception Lighting is a cutting-edge system that combines both holiday and exterior accent lighting into one seamless design. With its energy-efficient LED technology and color-changing capabilities, you can effortlessly switch between vibrant holiday displays and elegant exterior lighting throughout the year, enhancing your property’s curb appeal and ambiance.

Innovative and Customizable Lighting for Every Occasion

Inception Lighting provides a customizable and hassle-free lighting experience that adapts to your needs and preferences. Our expert team works with you to design a tailored lighting arrangement that complements your property’s architecture and showcases its unique features. The easy-to-use control system allows you to adjust colors, brightness, and patterns, making it perfect for celebrating holidays, special events, or simply accentuating your property’s beauty year-round. Trust BluStream Holiday Lighting to deliver the innovative and adaptable Inception Lighting solution that elevates your property’s aesthetics and functionality in Northwest Indiana.